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Baseball Legend : Jack Robinson


The First Black Player of MBL

Of course, most of us know the baseball legend Jack Robinson well. The first black player to play in the American Major Baseball League, Jackie Robinson, we will tell the Brooklyn Dodgers career. In the years when racism had ceased and the phrase “Only white people can go” was often used, Robinson became the first black to show courage in baseball league.

Robinson clogged his ears in all sorts of reckless talent and character, and he was able to give the world the most beautiful answer. It’s a crime to even answer a whimper insulting himself in the pitch, all the rage in the years is a crime. Robinson fascinated with the tribunes that insulted him in every game he had gone, and he moved his team to the world championship while reversing the words spoken to him. Robinson, Dodgers’ leading actor, has been voted All Star team 6 times over.

In 1955, Robinson’s form number 42, which won the World Championship against the New York Yankees in a single round, won by taking the starting line-up and did not have to be white to become a major baseball player, was the first form to be retired by all baseball teams.


Although Robinson is one of the most successful players of the world during his career, he is exposed to many racist attacks from the supporters. But, all he want was a bit respect. Robinson, the first black commentator of the baseball league, has become one of the first representatives of his race in many sectors. Robinson; he was not interested in the antipathic look of people loving himself. He was expressing at every opportunity that only thing he wanted was respect, of course.

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