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Baseball’s Historical Background

The baseball sport, which dates back quite a bit in the past, is a game inspired by the rounders game.

The first institutional baseball game played in America in 1846. There are also those who claim that baseball may have originated from cricket games. In 1846, the baseball game in New Jersey is considered the first game of organized baseball. Baseball became popular over time and started playing professionally. In 1871 the National Professional Baseball Players Association was established.

This union was named National League of Professional Baseball Halls in 1876. In 1901 the American League was founded and the champions of these two leagues were compared for the first time in 1903. Since 1905, each year the two league champions meet in the World Series game and the baseball season ends in the division. Baseball has been featured in the international arena for the first time as a spectator sport at the 1904 St. Louis Olympics and this was repeated at the 1912 Stockhom Olympics. The first World Cup was held in London in 1938. In 1953 the European and Asian Baseball Federations were established. The first official entry to the Olympics was the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Today Baseball

Today, baseball is one of the most important sports in different countries like the USA. Except the USA, Venezuela, Korea, Japan and Taiwan have a serious amount of baseball sporters. The American Baseball League MLB also has a large number of Dominican, Cuban, Venezuelan and Central American players. Caribbean countries follow baseball and there are a lot of amateur and professional players.

Especially, with the developing conditions of social media and internet, most people from different regions and countries have started to find watching and following opportunity the major baseball leagues in different countries.

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