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Most Expensive Baseball Jersey Sold for $4.5 Million


Baseball jersey, which Babe Ruth was wearing while he was playing in New York Yankees has found a buyer. The souvenir sold at the highest price ever in the world was a jersey that a baseball player wore in the first season.

Most Expensive Baseball Jersey

Although baseball is one of the less known sports in some countries of the world, it is so popular in America that these sports fanatics aren’t like other fanatics. One of the legendary name of baseball Babe Ruth’s jersey, which he was wearing in New York Yankees team in the first season was sold for $4,5 million. World record was broken with this selling.

The jersey, which has found a buyer for 4,5 million dollars in auction, which was organized on the website, called was the most expensive souvenir that has sold in the sport world so far. The book, called “Basketball rules, prepared by Dr. James Naismith was sold for 4,3 million dollars in 2010. Ruth’s cap has found a buyer for 537.000 dollars, and baseball bet was sold for 591.000 dollars.

The famous baseball player, whose real name is George Herman Ruth played 22 seasons in three famous teams of USA Baseball League between 1914 and 1935. Babe Ruth, who entered the US Baseball League as a shooter for the Boston Red Sox team, was transferred to the New York Yankees in 1919 and became one of the most famous shooter in the league. Babe Ruth was one of the best players who contributed to the Yankees’s championship  seven times. Consequently, Babe Ruth is one of the irreplaceable player of the baseball history.

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