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Global Stars of Baseball


Baseball is one of the two most common spots in the United States. With no clear information about when this sport emerged, it began to play in the US and spread throughout the country from the mid-19th century. With no doubt, like other popular sports as football, basketball, tennis and rugby, baseball has one of the most biggest industries of the world at the last years. So, the number of global stars of baseball is increasing day by day because of huge industry conditions in many countries.

The special rivalry, of course, is in the USA where holds the biggest economy of baseball when compared the other countries from different regions of the world under today’s conditions. Like the USA, the baseball sport has a serious amount of spectators in Korea and Japan. It’s possible to say that there are about 1 billions followers of baseball sport in different countries of the planet. So, it’s the main proof that baseball has a big industry and provides global stars.

The Richest Stars of Baseball

MLB is the most serious and most popular baseball organization of the world which is organized in the USA. The global stars of baseball are playing in this league.

Ryan Howard is taking on the first place in the most expensive players list with 25.5 M USD salary. Cliff Lee is standing on the second place with 25.2 M USD, Joe Mauer is on third place with 25 M USD, Albert Pujols is on fourth place with 24.8 M USD and Robinson Cano is on fifth place with 24.5 M USD salary. Finally, if you look at the huge salaries of the richest stars of baseball, it will not be hard to understand the amazing scale of baseball economy in the USA.

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