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What is a Home Run (HR) in Baseball?


Short Information About Baseball

Baseball is played between two teams of 9 players. It is conducted by one or more referees called “Umpire”. In the American baseball league (major league baseball) usually have 4 referees. Baseball is played as 9 innings where the teams are offensive and defensive position once. The first period of each inning is called ‘top’ and the second period is called ‘bottom’.

On the baseball field, there are 4 “bases” in the diamond area and each side of the diamond is 27 meters long.

There is a distance of 18.4 meters between the pitcher and the batter. The masked player behind the batter is called the “catcher. In the baseball game, pitcher and catcher try to exclude the batter. The batter tries to score points by passing bases. Each player of the offensive team comes to the base one by one. Their aim is to hit the ball with the bat which the pitcher throws the catcher. Umpire who stands behind the ‘catcher’ decides whether the ball is thrown according to the rules.

What is a Home Run (HR)?

Home run means the most valuable hitting in baseball. The batter hit the ball out of the field, he hits a home run. In this stroke, which the spectators watch enthusiastically and admiringly, the batter runs 4 bases and score points. If other team mates have come to other bases before the hitter, these players also participate in home run.

In this case, the player who hits home run scores a point and home run is characterized by the number of runners. At the end of the 9th inning, the team that earns the most points wins the game. If the match is tied, the game lasts until one of the teams win a game.

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