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The Most Memorable Baseball Matches


Sports is the most important activity that keeps massive masses together. It is a cultural bridge and motivation source for some unions. No doubt on these games there are some the most memorable baseball matches. The final series between Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians is surely one of them. Chicago Cubs won the championship after 108 years.

Which are The Most Memorable Baseball Matches?

This issue, while American most important issue, an interesting detail came out. A Cleveland Indians supporter he predicted this championship exactly 23 years ago. Cleveland Indians won their last World Series championship in 1908. Their 108 year longing is ended with the championship they got in 2016.

After this championship, the topic shared on social media was quite funny and interesting. Exactly 23 years before the championship, a Cleveland Indians fun who is graduated from high school he predicted the championship that his club will going to win after 108 years.

Michael Lee was the one who makes that estimate. The note that he wrote was more interesting. Hi words: “ Chicago Cubs, 2016 World Champions. You heard it here first.” You may think this book is a fake, other people in the book shared this book for verification proved to be real well as.

This interesting story also has different details. A classmate of Lee told another story to WGN TV. He said he spoke with Michael Lee on Facebook in 2009 and Lee said to Marcos that “not much remain to be champion and he is counting the days down” Marcos added that Michael Lee shared the Picture of book after the championship.

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