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Most Successful Woman Baseball Player of the World


Women Baseball World

When we look at the place of women in the professional baseball world, we can observe the history goes to the early 19th century. There is some proof that ladies were playing baseball  as far back as the 1860s, yet it was not typical for young women to play what was viewed as a man’s game. Truth be told, until the mid 1890s, when the bike rage hit America, ladies who needed to get some outside exercise were generally disheartened from doing so. But in the late 1890s, there were some sorted out endeavors to have all-female baseball groups, a few of which delighted in progress.

A stand-out amongst the best was the Boston Bloomer Girls baseball club; they took their name from the agreeable jeans that a few games disapproved of young ladies had started to wear rather than a long skirt. Young ladies who conflicted with conventional design standards and picked drawers were regularly called “blossomer girls”. While in a few urban areas, neighborhood specialists restricted ladies’ baseball groups, incorporating the Bloomer Girls, in different urban communities, the club was invited by inquisitive fans who had never observed female ballplayers

Eri Yoshida

We can say Japanese baseball player Eri Yoshida is one of the most interesting figure of baseball world. Because, she was drafted by Japanese men’s baseball team in 2008. So, when she was 16 years, she joined a professional baseball team. She was a so skillful baseball player when compared many players in the leagues. She played in Japan and Canada during his career. Finally, she played for Tochigi Golden Braves in 2017. After a short time, she left from the team and continued her career.

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